The City

Sao Paulo, Brazil

We hope to offer you and spend with you a very productive and pleasant week in the big city of Sao Paulo, capital of Sao Paulo state.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, with a municipality population of 12.1 million and about 21.3 million in its metropolitan region - the second most populous of the Southern Hemisphere. It is also a beehive of activity that offers a jovial nightlife and an intense cultural experience.

Meeting Venue

Escola de Arquitetura e Urbanismo

(School of Architecture and Urbanism)

Rua do Lago, 876 - Butantã, São Paulo - SP
CEP: 05508-080

Poster Sessions

Instituto Oceanográfico

(Oceanographic Institute)

Praça do Oceanográfico, 191 - Butantã, São Paulo - SP
CEP: 05508-120


Air Travel

The two airports in São Paulo city are Guarulhos Airport (GRU) , which is around 43 km from the University of São Paulo and Congonhas Airport (CGH), which is around 14 km.

Ground Transportation

Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

From Guarulhos Airport:

Congonhas Airport (CGH)

From Congonhas Airport:

Hotels & Accommodation



Visa & Health Insurance


Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter Brazil. The ultimate authority on whether you need a visa or not is the Brazilian Consulate in your country. The information we provide here is for your convenience only, and was obtained from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on 10 December 2019:

More Information

More Information on Visa Applications

Please contact the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence to verify your visa requirement status (will depend on your nationality) before making travel plans. The address (including websites) of the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest to your current place of residence can be found here:

More Information

Visit Visa

To attend the CBE7 you may need to enter Brazil as a visitor:

“The visit visa will be issued to foreigners traveling to Brazil for staying up to 90 days without purposes of immigration or the exercise of paid activity (daily allowances, artistic paychecks, compensation or other travel expenses are allowed). Visit visas can be granted for those traveling for tourism, business, transit, artistic or sports activities, study, volunteer work, or to attend to conferences, seminars or meetings, among other purposes - provided there is no remuneration in Brazil and the stay does not exceed 90 days.”

Take note that the Brazilian visa will never be granted in Brazilian territory.

If you require a visa, we highly recommend applying for one as soon as possible, in order to guarantee that, if needed, the visa will be issued in time. Visa applications submitted to the Brazilian Consulate may take up to 90 days to be processed. Official invitation letters can be provided for those participants that need to apply for a Visa.

NOTE: Visa expenses will NOT be reimbursed.


Whether you need a visit visa. Find your country in the table that starts on page 2 and check the corresponding code in column “VIVIS (Visit)”. The caption for the codes is listed in page 1. The most common codes are 1 (visa is required) and 8 (visa exemption for staying for a period of at most 90 days).

Places to Visit


Cultural tours

Panoramic Buildings